Welcome to the Freger research group!

We work on diverse projects in the fields of water and energy. Our group explores novel types of membranes such as polyelectrolyte complex membranes for water purification and electrospun composite membranes for fuel cells and electrolyzers. We also strive to understand how membranes work at the fundamental level using advanced experiments, modern theories, and molecular modeling (DFT, MD, QMD).

Join us to explore the exciting world of membrane science and engineering!
We look for motivated graduate students for MSc and PhD projects.
For details, contact Prof. Slava Freger vfreger@technion.ac.il


NewSkin OITB Horizon 2020 project

Within the NewSkin OITB activities, the Technion-IIT team contributes its wide expertise in membrane modeling, preparation, and characterization. We help evaluate novel membranes for water and wastewater applications prepared using novel surface-coating techniques, including short and extended tests in a custom-designed cross-flow system in constant-flux and constant-pressure regimes. For more detail, visit https://www.newskin-oitb.eu/