Membrane Processes
Fuel Cell Membranes
Physical and Molecular Modeling of Transport in Membranes

Overview: What We Do

If we are to describe our research in one world – it is all about membranes, selective barriers one can use to separate various substances. The Membranes we work on are mainly for water and energy applications. This covers many real-world problems, e.g., desalination, water purification, water-energy nexus and clean energy.

However, we also like to ask fundamental questions such as

  1. What is the physics of separating water, molecules, and ions ?
  2. How to keep membranes clean ?  (… and that is asked about any surface)
  3. How to make membranes perform better?
  4. What can be next-generation membrane materials and processes?…

We develop physical models and employ many modern research tools (microscopy, spectroscopy, theoretical models, molecular dynamics, microfluidic cells etc.) to better understand complex physical processes in membranes. For this, we extensively borrow from  chemistry, materials science and soft matter physics.

Membrane Testing

Composite membrane