Picture of Prof. Viatcheslav (Slava) Freger

Prof. Viatcheslav (Slava) Freger

email:  vfreger[AT]
Picture of Maria Bass, Lab Manager

Maria Bass, Lab Manager

email:  bass[AT]
Surface modification, advanced characterization of membranes, Nafion and fuel cell membranes, bacterial deposition and biofouling Continue reading Continue Reading Maria Bass, Lab Manager

Graduate Students


Modeling and analyzing hydrodynamic and physicochemical effects in bacterial deposition on surfaces Continue reading Continue Reading Roi Bar-On
Picture of Michael Zelner

Michael Zelner

email:  mzelner22[at]

Mauricio Dantus

email:  mauricio[at]
Development of high performance fuel cell membranes based on electrospun Nafion nanofibers. Continue reading Continue Reading Matan Cohen
Picture of Ariela Tarnapolsky

Ariela Tarnapolsky

email:  saritech[AT]
Understanding QCM-D response to deposition and attachment of bacteria and particles to surfaces. Continue reading Continue Reading Ariela Tarnapolsky



Picture of Vesselin Kolev, Post-doctoral

Vesselin Kolev, Post-doctoral

email:  vlk[AT]
Molecular dynamics of soft matter and membranes, ion transport mechanism in membranes Continue reading Continue Reading Vesselin Kolev, Post-doctoral
Picture of Stanislav (Stas) Levchenko

Stanislav (Stas) Levchenko

email:  stasleva[AT]
Low-scaling nanofiltration membranes for secondary wastewater Continue reading Continue Reading Stanislav (Stas) Levchenko
Picture of Shiran Shultz

Shiran Shultz

email:  shiranh[AT]
Improving boron removal in reverse osmosis Continue reading Continue Reading Shiran Shultz
Picture of Rona Ronen

Rona Ronen

email:  ronaronen[AT]
Biomimetic membranes and microfluidics Continue reading Continue Reading Rona Ronen
Picture of Robert Gloukhovski

Robert Gloukhovski

email:  gloukhov[AT]
Fuel cell membranes, Nafion and its alignment in nanopores Continue reading Continue Reading Robert Gloukhovski
Picture of Noga Fridman-Bishop

Noga Fridman-Bishop

email:  nogafrid[AT]
Ion transport in desalination membranes, modelling, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy Continue reading Continue Reading Noga Fridman-Bishop
Picture of Katie Baransi-Karkaby

Katie Baransi-Karkaby

email:  katie[AT]
Modification of membranes, contaminant removal, biofouling Continue reading Continue Reading Katie Baransi-Karkaby
Picture of Karen Adie Tankus

Karen Adie Tankus

email:  skat[AT]
Carbon-nanotube based membranes for oil-water separations Continue reading Continue Reading Karen Adie Tankus

Former Freger group at ZIWR, Ben-Gurion University, Sde-Boqer:photo of the team
From left to right:
Jian Lin (Allen) Chen (postdoc, now at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Adi Ben-David (M.Sc. and PhD.)
Inbal Eshet (M.Sc.)
Moran Bazel (M.Sc.)
Sarit Bason (M.Sc. and Ph.D., now at Mekorot)
Jenia Gutman (Ph.D,)
Maria Bass (M.Sc. and Ph.D. now at Technion)
Emil Drazevic (a visiting student form U Zagreb, now in Aarhus U, Denmark)
Yair Kaufman (M.Sc. and PhD., now post-doc at UCSB)
Roy Bernstein (Ph.D., now at Ben-Gurion University)
Dror Gluska (undergraduate student)
Vered Shapiro (M.Sc.) – not in the picture

Visitors (past and present)

Miguel Levi Marré Tirado (Ph.D. Student, Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

Emil Drazevic (Ph.D. student, U Zagreb, Croatia; now a postdoc at Aarhus University, Denmark).

Derrick Dlamini (Postdoc, U Johannesburg; now at University of South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa).

Brett Blumberg (U Colorado, Boulder, now at The Ecology Center, Orange County, CA, USA)